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Author: The Pivot Team

Each year, Pivot takes the pulse of Social Marketing professionals. The purpose of this research is to get inside the heads of professionals leading Social initiatives for major organizations to see their current attitudes and to get a sense of what will impel their decisions in the year ahead. This year, we undertook an online […] Read More [+]

Author: Peter Claridge

The interwebs was abuzz earlier this month as Pinterest wielded the dreaded axe of spammer death, banishing spam accounts in droves. With this new effort, Pinterest is fine-tuning an algorithm to detect spam accounts before they’ve ever been created. Since Pinterest opened its doors on August 2nd, massive consumer success has prompted brands to follow. […] Read More [+]

Author: Mike Edelhart

With the (quite exciting) end of Pivot and the initiation of Social Week events here in NY last night, I only caught fitful glimpses of the Presidential debate. But, because of a fascinating new tool created by one of our partners, Netbase, I was able to, literally, watch public sentiment about the two candidates shift […] Read More [+]

Author: Azita Martin

If you’ve been paying attention to the commentary about monetizing social networks lately, you’ve probably noticed a shift in the conversation. The dialogue—which previously was limited to how businesses grow audiences of Friends, Fans and Followers through creative presence on social sites supported by campaigns and contests —has evolved into the “how tos” of driving […] Read More [+]

Author: Christina Buquid

Only 5 more days to go till we #makethepivot in Times Square! Next Monday, over 90 industry innovators will share their Social Business stories on-stage as Conference Producer and Host, Brian Solis, leads the way. Whether you’re attending in person or streaming from home, we’ve got several ways to keep you up in real-time: 1. […] Read More [+]

Author: Peter Claridge

Have you seen the recent ads from UPS? Be careful, because if you do you just might be singing their jingle all day. “Tagged and scanned, tracked and traced, that’s logistics.” Check any of UPS’ social media channels and you will find interesting, regularly updated content that intelligently weaves in logistics like this: But their […] Read More [+]

Author: Research Team

In February we released startling research on the increasing gap between marketer’s and their consumers, what Brian Solis penned as “The Perception Gap”. In collaboration with our friends at Barnickel Design, we’ve just released this infographic. Key Points: 76% of marketers feel they know what their consumers want, only 34% have asked Consumers seek deals […] Read More [+]

Author: Peter Claridge

On June 25th, Oreo dropped an unexpected bombshell on its community: a post on their Facebook page which came out in full support for Gay Pride. Most consumer packaged goods wouldn’t touch a topic like this, but perhaps the social media team at Kraft were emboldened by the positive response Obama received for his post […] Read More [+]

Author: Research Team

According to Nielsen, a majority of US consumers (50.4 percent) are now using a smartphone, driving an increased effort by brands to better understand the mobile shopping experience. As it stands, 69 percent state the mobile shopping experience is either excellent or very good, yet the same users recommend improvements be made in shopping apps […] Read More [+]

Author: Chanelle Schneider

According to a study by the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, 37 percent of Fortune 500 & Inc 500 companies maintain blogs, while those using Facebook and Twitter number 74 and 64 percent, respectively. Micro-blogging is on the rise among corporations and far surpassing traditional blogs in market prevalence.   Why, then, do companies still wonder about the ROI? It is not […] Read More [+]


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