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The Great Divide Between Marketers and Consumers [Infographic]

Author: Research Team

In February we released startling research on the increasing gap between marketer’s and their consumers, what Brian Solis penned as “The Perception Gap”. In collaboration with our friends at Barnickel Design, we’ve just released this infographic.

Key Points:

  • 76% of marketers feel they know what their consumers want, only 34% have asked
  • Consumers seek deals (83%) and special content (58%) in return for their Social activity toward brands; Social marketers, by contrast, see customer service (59%) as the biggest benefit consumers seek in Social
  • Most popular photo apps for Social Consumers include Color, Camerabag, and Dailybooth, yet marketers believe Hipstamatic reigns supreme

We’ll be producing a new infographic every couple weeks. Like us on Facebook for first access. You can download the full research report here.

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