Mobile Shopping Most Popular with Men & Millennials, Preferably at Home [Research]

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According to Nielsen, a majority of US consumers (50.4 percent) are now using a smartphone, driving an increased effort by brands to better understand the mobile shopping experience. As it stands, 69 percent state the mobile shopping experience is either excellent or very good, yet the same users recommend improvements be made in shopping apps and speed.

Earlier this year, Advertising Agency JWT surveyed 465 people who engaged in mobile shopping during the 2011 holiday season. The study brings light to the activities and trends in mobile shopping, a subject we touch on in our own analysis, Social Consumers and Smartphones.

Mobile shopping does not mean mobile purchasing

One of the most striking findings was that when asked what their favorite mobile shopping activity was, actual purchase was among the least favorite. Only 38 percent have purchased items while on their smartphone. Alternately, a majority (55 percent) use their phones for price comparison info, the most popular mobile shopping activity.

When asked why, most users point to security concerns. As this word cloud of responses suggests, “Security” and “Trust” remain looming issues:

Millennials and men lead the pack

Men are more likely to be using devices to get more product info and make purchases than women. Eighty-one percent of men have made at least one purchase on a mobile device, compared to only 56 percent women.

Men and women have always exhibited different shopping patterns. This difference is amplified when it comes to mobile shopping. In the future, marketers will need to design mobile sites with both constituents in mind.

Millennials also report high mobile shopping tendencies, with 74 percent making at least one mobile purchase. This is over 10 percent more than the 45+ age group.

Mobile shopping most likely to be done while at home

While the convenience of mobile suggests an opportunity to make purchases on-the-go, most respondents participate in mobile shopping while at home, at a friend’s home, or at work. Remarkably, people are actively selecting mobile over computer screens.

Brand marketers should develop and invest in mobile sites that are a channel separate from existing online stores, not only a supplement to current online presence.

Do you make purchases from your mobile phone? How would you like to see your mobile shopping experience improve? We’d love to hear your answers on twitter #pivotcon.

You can download the full report from JWT here.

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