The Pivot Facepalm Festival, October 28, 2015

And a little background on your Host, Jon Ronson

Jon Ronson is a British journalist, author, documentary filmmaker and radio presenter whose works include the internationally best-selling The Men Who Stare at Goats (2004) and The Psychopath Test (2011).

He is known for his informal, but skeptical investigations of controversial fringe politics and science. He has published nine books and several television documentary films. He contributes regularly to This American Life.

For his latest book, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, Jon Ronson spent three years traveling the world and talking to people who’d been subjected to high-profile public shamings. Whatever their transgression, the response was to be faced by an angry mob, as Ronson calls them “collective outrage circles” devoted to tearing down said person from any position of power. It does not, Ronson suggests gently, reflect so well on society as a whole.

In The Psychopath Test, Ronson explored the unnerving world of psychopaths — a group that includes both incarcerated killers and, one of his subjects insists, plenty of CEOs.

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