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Author: Kare Anderson

Fresh from revealing onstage at Pivot MTV’s latest research on the shifting attitudes of young millienials, two of the cable channel’s research leaders talk more about their startling findings.

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Author: The Pivot Team

Tony Haile, CEO of Charbeat, which helps publishers keep a pulse on what content really works for them in real-time, believes firmly that publishers today are measuring the wrong things in the wrong way. Here, he lays out his manifesto for why it is time… measure time.

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Author: Brian Solis

Guest post written by Brian Solis, Producer & Host of The Pivot Conference. Originally posted on The onslaught of real-time social, local, mobile (SoLoMo) technology is nothing short of overwhelming. Besides the gadgets, apps, social networks and appliances that continue to emerge, the pace of innovation is only outdone by the volumes of data […] Read More [+]

Author: Research Team

In a world where digital natives switch screens 27 times per hour, the data that trails can be overwhelming. Most monitoring tools deliver great data, but the insight comes from you as the executive. Looking at Netflix, DIRECTV and the beer industry on Facebook, Susan Etlinger proved how beneficial sifting through social noise to gain […] Read More [+]

Author: Peter Claridge

On June 25th, Oreo dropped an unexpected bombshell on its community: a post on their Facebook page which came out in full support for Gay Pride. Most consumer packaged goods wouldn’t touch a topic like this, but perhaps the social media team at Kraft were emboldened by the positive response Obama received for his post […] Read More [+]

Author: Chanelle Schneider

Big data – marketers want to understand it and consumers want no part of it. The problem of marketing to people who don’t want to be sold to may not be new, but big data introduces new concerns as consumers fight for their rights to privacy online. Prior to making a buying decision, the connected […] Read More [+]

Author: Ric Dragon

I just listened to not just one song by a musician I had never heard of before, but a few dozen. This new-for-me music came to my attention because a friend was listening to a song on  Spotify and I noticed it in my Facebook feed.  After I clicked on that song, I fell down […] Read More [+]


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