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Author: The Pivot Team

Citia is a start up that delivers big stories in small pieces. Citia’s remarkable card interface brings publishing into the world of many screens and formats, allowing brands to unlock all they know without retooling everything and without losing control of their content.

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Author: Linda Holliday

The decline of the public web. The rise of the walled gardens. For the web’s first 10 years, with the exception of AOL and email, the majority of time spent online was in public places. Websites were occasionally password protected but largely open, easily linked, and democratized by HTML. Enter MySpace, the Apple ecosystem, Facebook, […] Read More [+]

Author: David Guy

Why Holistic Media Strategies for Reaching Consumers in the Social/Mobile World Depends on Multiple Touch Points. The seismic shift in media consumption and the social/mobile explosion have created a mad dash by some of the smartest people in media and marketing. Desperate to both understand and exploit the opportunities in our new world and fend […] Read More [+]

Author: Ben Smith

photo c/o @KatieLance Content, storytelling, and community were themes that ran through many of the morning sessions during day two of Pivot. The power of content was made abundantly clear in the morning’s opening session with Dollar Shave Club founder Michael Dubin. Dubin described Dollar Shave Club as a business whose “time had come.” Like […] Read More [+]

Author: Research Team

Mass Relevance is no stranger to social integration. With a client list that’d make any emerging Social Media platform drool (ABC, MSNBC, MTV, and more), you can say they’re helping set the stage for the future of shareable content. Their product helps networks and brands create immersive digital experiences to enhance any branded interaction. In […] Read More [+]


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