Four Opportunities For Retailers To Leverage Social Content

Author: Research Team

Mass Relevance is no stranger to social integration. With a client list that’d make any emerging Social Media platform drool (ABC, MSNBC, MTV, and more), you can say they’re helping set the stage for the future of shareable content. Their product helps networks and brands create immersive digital experiences to enhance any branded interaction.

In this video, Mass Relevance’s CMO Matt Corey discusses how retailers and manufacturers can leverage the power of social conversations to drive sales. He encourages brands to follow what media has already been doing – creating fun, passionate viewership – but around the brand instead of the TV. As Matt states – if brands don’t inspire their customers, they’re just selling.

1. Year-round Marketing Campaigns

Year-round campaigns now almost always have a social component which many believe means managing Twitter and Facebook posts. But a second wave of bringing customers back into the brand experience in a controlled, impactful way is key.

2. Social Content for Product Launches

Every major manufacturer or retailer has proprietary products or resales. Some release them in waves or seasons, maybe it’s a back to school campaign or a top 10 gift ideas. The power of social content here rests in people sharing their opinions about these products. Companies should enable their customers to share these opinions with the brand and others.

3. Social Content for Store Openings and Events

Store openings or Special Events is another way to share experience. Every Grand opening or multiple store opening is an opportunity for retailers to get people sharing about their in-store experience. Companies can encourage customers to “Flock to unlock” a deal only available that weekend, for example.

4. Promotions and Sweepstakes

Almost every brand does promotions, some with discounts some without. Brands can make these timely. For example, during Father’s day a golf company can encourage customer’s to share their favorite golf story with their dad. These types of meaningful promotions encourage customers to share content in a way that’s viral and can eventually drive sales traffic.

What are some ways you’ve seen major retailers harness the power of social conversation? Which retailers are your favorite? We’d love to hear your answers in the comments below or on twitter.

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