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Author: Deidre Drewes

As a social media marketer, I recently underwent a rite of passage for our industry: researching and choosing a social media monitoring tool for my agency. As I soon learned, this was no small task. During the process, I learned a very important lesson: before finding a tool that fits, one must first identify the […] Read More [+]

Author: Research Team

In a world where digital natives switch screens 27 times per hour, the data that trails can be overwhelming. Most monitoring tools deliver great data, but the insight comes from you as the executive. Looking at Netflix, DIRECTV and the beer industry on Facebook, Susan Etlinger proved how beneficial sifting through social noise to gain […] Read More [+]

Author: Research Team

According to Nielsen, a majority of US consumers (50.4 percent) are now using a smartphone, driving an increased effort by brands to better understand the mobile shopping experience. As it stands, 69 percent state the mobile shopping experience is either excellent or very good, yet the same users recommend improvements be made in shopping apps […] Read More [+]

Author: Chanelle Schneider

According to a study by the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, 37 percent of Fortune 500 & Inc 500 companies maintain blogs, while those using Facebook and Twitter number 74 and 64 percent, respectively. Micro-blogging is on the rise among corporations and far surpassing traditional blogs in market prevalence.   Why, then, do companies still wonder about the ROI? It is not […] Read More [+]

Author: Research Team

Social Marketing continues to expand in breadth and budget. In our latest study, most believe 2013 to be the year for mainstream adoption. Yet budget and unclear outcomes remain huge roadblocks. In a striking study by Chief Marketer, out of 750 marketing professionals, an astounding 2 out of 5 are not confident in their social […] Read More [+]


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