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Author: Allwood and Henry

Guest post written by Claudia Allwood, Director of Digital Marketing & Stephanie Henry, digital content & Social Media lead for Benefit Cosmetics. Did you know that the first product created by Benefit Cosmetics was, in fact, a nipple stain? It’s true. And just like our iconic product benetint, we didn’t have the upbringing of a […]

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Author: Marni Edelhart

Sephora is one of the biggest beauty brands in the world and is known as being at the forefront of social and digital. While many brands are trying to figure out how to be a brick-and-mortar or e-tailer, Sephora has cracked both. Sephora believes in putting the customer at the center of everything, and using […]

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Author: Research Team

Burberry may be killing it in Luxury Fashion, but when it comes to raw engagement did you know Converse’s Facebook Page scored highest? How’s this for engagement, did you know that from the top 10 luxury brands, 6 don’t even allow Facebook Fan posts? Using the Unmetric Platform, we compiled March data for the top […]

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Author: Brian Solis

One of the challenges marketers and strategists face today is understanding the difference between a success story and an example that has true business impact. With every story and through our own experience, we are learning about the transformation companies are undertaking to migrate from social brands to social businesses. One of the emergent trends […]

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Author: Mark Drapeau

Guest post written by Mark Drapeau, Director of Innovative Engagement (Public Sector), Microsoft, @cheeky_geeky Adam Conner of Facebook dances “Gagnam Style” at the DC show in Fall 2012. Have you ever made your Facebook profile pic a photo of you laughing with friends at a Microsoft event? For most people the answer to this question […]

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Author: Mike Edelhart

image via Post written by Mike Edelhart, CEO of The Pivot Conference and Social Week. When the Social tsunami first hit the stylish shores of fashion, the initial sense was that the prime impact would be on promotion and personality. What better way to spread the word on those kickin’ new shoes or to […]

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