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Author: Kare Anderson

The power behind Intel’s remarkable employee Ambassador program talks about how she plans to transform her company, and change the world.

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Author: Brian Sirgutz

A few days ago I started my day like any other day. There were a large amount of emails in my inbox, tweets to respond to, friend statuses on Facebook to mull, text messages and a few voicemails, photos to like on Instagram, my daily dose of news from all around the web when a […]

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Author: David Guy

Why Holistic Media Strategies for Reaching Consumers in the Social/Mobile World Depends on Multiple Touch Points. The seismic shift in media consumption and the social/mobile explosion have created a mad dash by some of the smartest people in media and marketing. Desperate to both understand and exploit the opportunities in our new world and fend […]

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Author: Mike Edelhart

A few weeks back, I did a column for The Tomorrow Project, corporate parent of Pivot Conference, sharing the view that advertising, as we know it traditionally, isn’t going to make it through the crucible of social/mobile transformation. The reason? Advertising was created to deal with a particular problem—marketers couldn’t actually find or reach buyers […]

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Author: Deidre Drewes

Volkswagen’s 2011 Darth Vader commercial was the breakout star of the 2011 Super Bowl. With over 51 million views on YouTube, VW cemented this plug as arguably one of the most popular Super Bowl ads in history. So what was it that set Volkswagen apart from its competitors, and what is the secret recipe for […]

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