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Author: Kare Anderson

There are two kinds of time, says media theorist and author Doug Rushkoff. And we are all focused on the wrong kind.

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Author: Kare Anderson

The real impact of Social comes from the inside out. Power doesn’t come from outbound messaging, but from employees and improved business processes.

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Author: Mike Edelhart

2012 in Social. Some year, eh? As we stagger- exhausted, tinged with elation and spiced by a frisson of fear—out of a remarkable year, it is natural to wonder what might 2013 portend? This year couldn’t possibly be as crazy as last year….could it? THIS WILL BE THE WINTER OF OUR SOCIAL DISCONTENT. Here they […] Read More [+]

Author: Azita Martin

If you’ve been paying attention to the commentary about monetizing social networks lately, you’ve probably noticed a shift in the conversation. The dialogue—which previously was limited to how businesses grow audiences of Friends, Fans and Followers through creative presence on social sites supported by campaigns and contests —has evolved into the “how tos” of driving […] Read More [+]

Author: Research Team

Mike Edelhart, our president and the original editor of PC Magazine, discusses the PC revolution led by Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Mike believes companies should learn from these past innovators and apply what worked to the social revolution happening today. Social is the third revolution Mike has experienced, and from his standpoint its the […] Read More [+]


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