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Author: Matt Godson

By Andy Jankowski, Founder, Enterprise Strategies Millennials, sometimes known as “Generation Me”, are cited in an endless amount of sources as an object a company has no choice but to obtain and then provide for a seemingly endless set of additional accommodations. Buzzwords and concepts such as flextime or BYOD flood articles, posts, and videos, […]

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Author: Kare Anderson

Fresh from revealing onstage at Pivot MTV’s latest research on the shifting attitudes of young millienials, two of the cable channel’s research leaders talk more about their startling findings.

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Author: Marni Edelhart

In light of the recent announcement that Netflix has surpassed well-established competitor HBO in terms of paid customers we thought it was time to share some data revealing the exponential growth of this leading non-traditional network. With help from partners PeekAnalytics and Taykey we dug into Social activity around Netflix versus its competitors with an […]

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Author: The Pivot Team

It’s your turn to learn more about this exciting new TV network from Participant Media, the company that brought you socially conscious and empowering films such as Lincoln, An Inconvenient Truth, and Food, Inc.  At pivot, we’re all about changing things up. You’re invited to join us on Tuesday, Oct. 15 at 10:05am to learn how we’re entertaining and inspiring […]

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Author: Britta Schell

By Britta Schell (@schellular), Director of Digital Strategic Insights, MTV Insights (@mtvinsights) In recent ethnographic work with millennials nationally, I’ve heard more and more about electronic/dance music (EDM) – across all demos I’ve met with recently, every millennial was adding a little EDM into their playlists or daily routine. Time to take a closer look! […]

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