pivot TV: It’s Your Turn.

Author: The Pivot Team

It’s your turn to learn more about this exciting new TV network from Participant Media, the company that brought you socially conscious and empowering films such as Lincoln, An Inconvenient Truth, and Food, Inc.  At pivot, we’re all about changing things up.

You’re invited to join us on Tuesday, Oct. 15 at 10:05am to learn how we’re entertaining and inspiring socially conscious Millennials, and to explore how you can work with pivot to create compelling branded content that will captivate this generation.

So who are we?  pivot just launched August 1 in more than 40 million homes across the U.S. with the aim of entertaining and inspiring what we believe is truly “The Next Greatest Generation.”  Millennials are 18 to 34 years old and comprise almost a quarter of the population.  If they’re not your target market now, they will be soon.

Millennials are doing things differently and getting a bad rap for it.  “Entitled,” “lazy,” “jobless” – all myths perpetuated by people who don’t know what this generation is capable of.  But we know. Their obsession with technology, for example, can’t be written off as a product of apathy or over-diagnosed ADD; they’re on their computers, phones and tablets consuming information and then putting it back out there for everyone they know.  They have more influence than many people realize.  Think about it.

This is a demographic that cannot and should not be ignored – they’re Tweeting, streaming, updating Facebook, and writing Yelp reviews constantly, while simultaneously making content go viral, forming and sharing serious opinions, and staying more up-to-date with the state of the world than any other generation before them.  So what does this all mean?   It means you need to reach them.

The catch is that Millennials are pickier than almost anyone gives them credit for.  They want content that’s entertaining, but not a waste of their time.  They want to actually take something away from a TV show that consumes 30 minutes of their day.  So pivot is taking this incredible opportunity to give the most connected people on the planet exactly what they want – and you can too.


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