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Author: Pelin Thorogood

Guest blog post by Pelin Thorogood, CEO, Anametrix Social media generates high volumes of conversations and data, but its return on investment remains frustratingly difficult for marketers to quantify. Confronted with this tidal wave of Facebook “likes,” tweets and social mentions, marketers may wonder if there is any way that data can help them engage […]

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Author: Rick Wion

image via NYC Daily News< Guest post written by Rick Wion, Director of Social Media, McDonald’s Whether you have millions of fans on Facebook or you are celebrating your first 1,000, it is important to get alignment across marketing and communications. But alignment is easy to say and difficult to achieve. How do you do […]

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Author: Michael Torres

Monday morning? We’ve got you covered.… — Tropicana (@Tropicana) January 7, 2013 Guest post written by Michael Torres, Senior Director of Communications, PepsiCo Listen, in no way is what I’m about to say am I suggesting that everyone should stick their proverbial heads in the sand, ignore emerging trends and pretend the world of […]

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Author: Chris Davis

In part I of this series, we looked at social gaming primarily from a web-based Facebook standpoint. In part II, we will take a look at the types of solutions that enhance the environment the most, leading to better consumer adoption and performance. 1. Find the Best Partner to Navigate Your Social Gaming Landscape As […]

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Author: Deidre Drewes

As the second and final day of the Pivot Conference came to a close, every silo on the social media marketing industry had been torn down. Speakers highlighted the rapidly changing face of marketing and the tools we use in social media. Here’s a roundup of some of the speaker highlights from Pivot Conference Day […]

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Author: Britta Schell

By Britta Schell (@schellular), Director of Digital Strategic Insights, MTV Insights (@mtvinsights) In recent ethnographic work with millennials nationally, I’ve heard more and more about electronic/dance music (EDM) – across all demos I’ve met with recently, every millennial was adding a little EDM into their playlists or daily routine. Time to take a closer look! […]

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