A Pivot Exclusive Town Hall with Sephora and ModCloth

Author: Marni Edelhart

Come join us May 14th, 1pm ET for a video town hall about the future of Fashion and Beauty retail. The line between online and in-store shopping is growing increasingly blurred and we have experts from both sides to discuss the opportunities and challenges of providing a well-rounded customer experience to Social shoppers.

Bridget Dolan, Sephora’s VP of Digital Marketing and Rebecca Silliman, Modcloth’s Head of Communications will join moderator Kare Anderson to answer the following questions as well as ones that come from you, our audience.

  1. How do you create a seamless experience for your customers?
  2. What is most exciting about Social retail?
  3. What is intimidating about providing for Social customers?
  4. What do you envision as the future of fashion/beauty retail?
  5. How have you learned about your customers and what they want from your brand?

The design of this Town Hall also allows for questions from our participating audience so please feel free to type them in as we go along. Also you can tweet questions in advance to #pivottownhall and we’ll incorporate those as time allows.

In order to participate all you’ll need is a webcam and internet connection. You can not get much closer to the brands on the front line of Social retail than this!

To attend simply follow this link: http://pivotcon.com/townhall, we look forward to seeing you there!

Bridget Dolan, Vice President of Digital Marketing, Sephora

Bridget Dolan is Sephora’s Vice President of Digital Marketing where she runs social media, mobile, digital store experience and business development. Bridget has led Sephora’s direct marketing efforts for the last 12 years, launching social site features such as Ratings & Reviews, BeautyTalk, SephoraTV and Pinterest, as well as expanding Sephora’s social presence and engagement in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. Bridget is driving the vision for Sephora’s mobile strategy, for which Sephora secured the top spot in L2’s first Prestige Mobile IQ report. Prior to Sephora, Bridget directed online marketing at Eve.com, an early beauty start-up, and at the Left Field agency driving online advertising for clients such as Amazon,drugstore.com and Hotmail. Before she crossed into the online sector, Bridget worked in brand management for Castrol Sports, pioneering a co-branded line with Trek bicycles. Bridget started her career in marketing and research for Walgreens, testing store concepts and forecasting sales for the chain. She holds a BS in Accounting and an MBA in Marketing.

Rebecca Silliman, Director of Communications, ModCloth

With a background ranging from making washing machines sexy for Whirlpool, to launching tech startups like Path, to setting Guinness World Records with Firefox, Rebecca Silliman brings a wide breadth of experience and a tech-savvy perspective to her role as Director of Communications for ModCloth. Prior to joining ModCloth, Rebecca was General Manager at the SutherlandGold Group, a boutique tech pr agency, which she helped to double in size in just 2 years. She also spent many years with The Outcast Agency, where she oversaw the creation of digital media practice areas dedicated to bridging the gap between traditional and social media relations, including development of best practices for community and other content management systems. She’s managed the strategic messaging, events, and product review programs for more than a dozen digital household brands, including Amazon Kindle and Mozilla Firefox 3. In her off-time, she enjoys bad puns, good wine, and dancing to pop music.

Kare Anderson, Co-Founder, Say it Better Center

Kare Anderson is co-founder of Say it Better Center, and an Emmy-winning former NBC and Wall Street Journal reporter who translates behavioral research into ways to connect, be frequently quoted or make a place or event more meaningful by storyboarding the moments in it. She’s a speaker, columnist for Harvard Business Review and Forbes, and author of Moving From Me to We, Walk Your Talk, Getting What You Want and Resolving Conflict Sooner.

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