Webinar: Can Traditional Companies Successfully Face Digital Disruption?

Author: Matt Godson

Tuesday, March 10th – 2:00-2:45 pm Eastern – Pivot Webinar Series

Georges-Edouard DIAS
co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

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In this definitive analysis of the challenge faced by traditional companies in front of digital disruption, Georges-Edouard will offer three insightful case studies, across three different verticals to demonstrate how digital transformation can upset the most established brands, and utterly transform the way we do business.

Through careful examination of how these leading global brands adapted and transformed to meet the new challenges of the digital world, Georges-Edouard will reveal how marketing, sales, and beyond the whole organization took on new roles, and how these brands learnt to profit from the new opportunities of a direct digital relationship with customers.

The presentation will go on to show how digital disruption is driving the shift to serving customers before serving products, and offer insights into how brands must change production, marketing, and distribution, to create an entirely new and more powerful customer relationship.

Join Georges-Edouard in this illuminating examination of the digital trends shaping a new nature of brands, and an insightful look at how digital disruption is shaping their future.

Time will be reserved for Q&A at the conclusion of the session

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