Chat with Chief Meteorologist, The Weather Channel for Big Data Month

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Join us on 3/19, 1pm ET for a very special #pivotconchat on Big Data. This month we’re honored to welcome Paul Walsh, Chief Meteorologist, The Weather Company’s WeatherFX. The weather affects consumers’ emotions and thus impacts business. Paul helps business leverage big data to get ahead of weather conditions and help move products and services and will be discussing this on the chat.

To join, simply search for on Twitter #pivotconchat at exactly 1pm, and jump in the conversation. If you’re curious what participating in a chat means, you can view last month’s archive here.

About Paul

As vice president, weather analytics for The Weather Company (TWC), Paul helps companies integrate weather and climate information into their business processes. Since 1997, he has helped business leaders in large corporations – as well as investors and analysts – use weather and climate intelligence to increase sales and maximize profits. His client experience includes Wal*Mart, The Home Depot, Sears, Merrill Lynch, Citibank and numerous hedge funds.

Chat Questions:

  1. Describe your role at TWC and your role with big data.
  2. At Pivot 2012 you spoke about bringing emotion into your data. How do you apply emotion + behavior to big data at TWC?
  3. What tips can you give to people dealing with information paralysis?
  4. What tools do you use to parse and analyze your data?
  5. Let’s get Social. How does TWC approach Social Data?
  6. Does Social Data bring unique challenges compared to other types of data?
  7. TWC is built on data but what can other advertisers and brands learn from your model?
  8. Can you share any unique insights from your Social Data analysis of Nemo?
  9. Where do you see the future of big data heading?

Watch Paul’s 2012 Session

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