Visual SML™ Let’s You Create Beautiful Facebook Apps Without a Line of Code

Author: The Pivot Team

When I first encountered Involver’s Social Markup Language (SML™), I knew the extension of HTML into social functionality with all the underlying processes being handled on Involver’s end would change how brands leverage their Facebook Fan Pages.

SML™ was a sea of change — and now over one million brands use Involver to manage everything from video pages to contests to coupon promotions. SML™ allows almost anything the marketing department can dream up to happen on Facebook as seamlessly as it would be able to happen anywhere else on the Web.

But now, with the release of Visual SML™, Involver has developed a visual authoring platform anyone can use to design top-level Facebook applications with a simple drag-and-drop functionality – no coding required.

The social construct demands fast turnaround, and until now this demand made Facebook app development a costly and time-consuming feat requiring constant maintenance to comply with Facebook’s ever-improving nature. With Visual SML™, even the marketing intern can design and launch a professional-grade, branded Facebook app in about 15 minutes. Visual SML™ drastically cuts the development cost and timeline, leaving no excuse for sloppy brand pages.

Utilizing Open SML™, apps created with Visual SML™ can be embedded anywhere on the Web, allowing brands to synchronize their content — giving you even more value for time spent managing your Facebook Fan Pages.

If the pure logic of “save time and money on development” doesn’t have you hooked, the visual appeal of applications made with Visual SML™ should. These apps are slick. Everything from YouTube video grids to photos to customer interaction panels can be configured and placed, allowing for structured but unique apps that set a brand page apart from the competition.

Beyond developing SML™, Involver is pushing forward how Facebook can be leveraged. The scalability of the Involver Platform allows for both small brands and brands at the very top to get real results from their Facebook pages, driving more than just likes, but offering real customer engagement through creative and easy-to-create Visual SML™ apps.

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