Pivot to Offer Free Monthly Webinars to Deliver Exclusive Content Year-Round

Author: The Pivot Team

The Pivot Conference aims to connect, transform and educate before, during and after the conference. In just three weeks, we will kick off a new webinar series that will focus on core topics to help Social businesses and brands improve their businesses. Pivot producer and host, Brian Solis, will feature guests such as Charlene Li and others from the Altimeter Group.

The first Pivot Webinar is scheduled for May 24th at 10:00am PST time with Charlene Li leading an hour-long discussion of:

How Transparency and Trust Will Transform Your Business.

Trust is at the center of all business relationships and social media provides a unique opportunity to build trust with customers, partners, and employees in new ways. This webinar will examine how companies are building trust through greater transparency and authenticity — and how they are seeing their businesses transformed. We’ll also discuss actions you and your organization should take today to build greater trust.

To register, visit: http://pivotcon.com/webinars. Any questions about the Pivot webinar program? Please write Alice Myerhoff at [email protected].

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