Pivot 2014 to be Presented in Partnership with Momentum

Author: The Pivot Team

NEW YORK, NY, April 2, 2014 – The Tomorrow Project, LLC, the organizer of The Pivot Conference, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Momentum in support of the 2014 Pivot Conference scheduled for October in New York City.

The Pivot Conference is the annual in-gathering of the leaders of social/mobile/digital initiatives for major organizations at the forefront of business transformation.
Pivot 2013 conference speakers included Pete Cashmore (CEO, Mashable), Paul Marcum (then Director, Global Digital Marketing, GE, now  Head of Global Digital Innovation,Bloomberg), Rich Riley (CEO, Shazam), Esther Dyson (Chairman, EDVenture Holdings), and Bre Pettis (CEO, Makerbot), among many others.

Mike Edelhart, CEO of The Tomorrow Project, notes: “We have partnered with Momentum in order to ensure that The Pivot Conference remains the pre-eminent event of its kind in the US. The executive team at Momentum brings more than 50 years of combined experience in event management, research and marketing, client service and business development.  We look forward to working with them as the event continues to deepen its singular role in the working lives of digital business leaders.”

As always, Pivot 2014 content will focus on the point where technological change and business transformation meet. Presenters will be drawn from the elite of Social Business, as well as from leading authors and thinkers on change plus celebrated and surprising figures from the edge.  In addition to main stage presentations, the Pivot Conference features targeted brand sessions, invitation-only dinners, private discussions,  fireside chats,  as well as extensive time for Q&A, and networking among participants.

More details can be found at pivotcon.com.

About The Tomorrow Project
The Tomorrow Project is the most flexible yet focused, powerful yet approachable partner for those organizations at the forefront of understanding, building and benefiting from the Social Construct. The Social Construct is nothing less than a change in how people have chosen to live. The current generation has discovered the first ever opportunity, via Social, to interact with technology in a purely human fashion. Social lets people do what they have always done, but expanded and intensified.  And people worldwide have willingly altered the way they live: how they buy, date, learn, celebrate, mourn, tell tall tales, build influence, and choose leaders.

The Tomorrow Project accomplishes this through events, both public –notably the Pivot conference and Social Week — and private; research, and a wide range of partnership activities and facilitations. Our projects help organizations understand that a human-centric worldwide network has impacts beyond changing the way organizations communicate. This network allows them to nurture connections to all the humans that matter to them—from employees, to prospects, to governments, to their largest customers– and demands that they develop new products and management methods in order to grow their businesses toward a future where traditional approaches to success will no longer hold.
Visit us online at http://www.thetomorrowproject.net/

About Momentum Event Group
Momentum is a leading international event creation and execution specialist working with numerous partners in order to bring their brands to life through customized live-event experiences. With an emphasis on rigorous research and world-class customer service, its team comprises many of the leading names in event creation and execution. For more information about Momentum, visit www.momentumevents.com.

The Tomorrow Project contact:
Mike Edelhart
[email protected]

Momentum Event Group / The Pivot Conference contact:
Matt Godson
Momentum Events
[email protected]

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