MTV Insights Partners With Pivot for 2015 Conference

Author: Pooja Shah

MTV Insights has partnered with Pivot to share their learnings from research and conversation with the Post Millennial Generation. This Showcase Event will feature not only highlights from MTV’s research into the elusive audience, but also a panel of engaged teenagers who will share specific input about brand marketing that either excites or alienates them.

As a sector of the MTV research team, MTV Insights studies perspectives and insights into the mind of the younger generations, who currently or will eventually serve as the target market for many businesses. These studies reveal emerging trends that feed MTV’s “radical audience intimacy.” Despite much debate over why young people think the way they do, this research is enlightening to better understanding the views and thoughts of the young consumer.

This Showcase is one of three taking place alongside Pivot 2015. We look forward to sharing more brand partnerships with you in the coming weeks and seeing you at each of these exciting events.

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