A movement is underway at Movable Type

Author: Robert Minton

At Movable Type, a movement is underway – to reignite the passion of bloggers and developers.  As Six Apart’s flagship web publishing and blogging software, we are partner to many of the world’s largest media companies and Fortune 100 businesses, as well as power bloggers who use the software to build, launch and manage their websites and blogs. Because of Movable Type’s power, versatility, and flexibility, we offer a highly customizable alternative to CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, and Expression Engine.

As part of a new campaign to take blogging and website management to a new level, we are building momentum to strengthen our foothold in North America and reconnect with the creative and innovative developer community. Those developers serve as the true engine behind extending the power of Movable Type to make it both what they need and what they want; ultimately ensuring their blogs are truly unique and stand out in a crowd. We believe perseverance and partnerships, of which we have formed many, will most definitely underscore our commitment and visibility in the North America market. As one of the early innovators in this space, we feel that it’s about time we bring this world-class publishing software back to prominence.

We have been making strategic moves to gain momentum in North America to connect with developers. Perhaps one of the most significant moves was the opening of Movable Type’s new North American headquarters, located at New York City’s Fueled Collective co-working space —  home to more than 20 innovative start-ups, including former alumni Thrillist, FourSquare and Ticketfly.

Looking toward PivotCon, we are proud to be a part of such a prestigious event and excited to host the Movable Type Idea Exchange. The idea behind the Exchange is to create an opportunity for marketers, designers, developers, corporate IT departments and social media visionaries to do exactly that – share ideas, information and insight with industry experts about what’s currently happening in blogging and the content management space. We’ve carefully selected our distinguished speakers and invite guests, which include:

Karen McGrane – Content strategist and user experience designer with 15 years of experience

Deane Barker – Founding partner and business development director for Blend Interactive, a content management consultancy.

Jack Kaufman – An 18-year-old online publisher and entrepreneur

Dan Wolfgang – Publisher, Movable Type user and owner of uiNNOVATIONS web development services

Aaron Bailey – Principal at 601am

Nob Seki – CEO of Six Apart 

Kevin Green – Senior Vice President of Global Digital Strategy & Marketing at the Digital Influence Group

For more information on this event and speakers, be sure to check back here and follow us on Twitter @movabletype. You can also register here.

We look forward to seeing you at PivotCon 2013 and hope you can join us at the Movable Type Idea Exchange!

– Robert

Robert Minton is passionate about unlocking the real potential of a product, a business, and a team. He thinks creatively to identify and forge internal and external strategic alliances and partnerships that deliver results. Robert, a creative marketing strategist executes product launches, develops sales lead generation, leads product development and research, and leverages digital, mobile, and social channels.   Robert has extensive international business management experience working with Europe, Japan, and North America. He has led content development initiatives with emerging and traditional media, working with top-tier consumer and lifestyle brands.   Previously, Robert had completed consulting work for McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, HighBridge Capitol, as well as other media, nonprofit, and technology clients.

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