Movable Type Takes Developer Community Feedback to Heart

Author: Robert Minton

As Movable Type moves back to the forefront of CMS and blogging platforms, one of our focuses is to listen to the users themselves, and leverage the insight coming directly from the developer community. A great example of this is how we are currently using developer input to create an updated version of Movable Type documentation, i.e., the written text that is a vital part of software engineering.

By leveraging the developer community’s input and insights, we are successfully crystalizing Movable Type’s documentation, making it stronger, more efficient and more user-friendly. Members of the Movable Type community contributed more than 377 pages of documentation along with 800 useful comments that are being integrated into the update.

Fine-tuning the user documentation has been an ongoing process for Movable Type, however, thanks largely to our users, Movable Type received what we needed to organize and build a stronger code. Details that were unclear in the past have been corrected in order to show Movable Type users how to better use the platform.

We value our community members and really take pride in the work that they’ve done. This documentation is essentially by them, for them, so it makes complete sense to let them create it. One of the community’s premier members and our friend, Dan Wolfgang, is spearheading the project.  Dan says the largest benefit of the user documentation is that it can help anybody and everybody.  According to Dan, a long-time developer – our new documentation makes it much easier to appreciate the improvement knowing that Movable Type community members built the documentation themselves.

Updating Movable Type’s documentation is just another facet of our momentum campaign in North America, along with a series of new partnerships as well as two newly-launched websites. These various efforts are designed to re-establish Movable Type’s foothold as the premier content management and blogging platform, particularly among mid-market and enterprise businesses.

If you’re interested in learning more, please visit our websites and join us at the Movable Type Idea Exchange in New York City on October 16. For more information on this event and speakers, be sure to check back here and follow us on Twitter @movabletype. You can also register here.

We look forward to seeing you at PivotCon 2013 and hope you can join us at the Movable Type Idea Exchange!

– Robert

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