Just Announced: 2012 to Cover the Shift from Social Brands to Social Business

Author: The Pivot Team

At Pivot, we work hard to deliver the insight and strategies to help top brands and agencies succeed in the business landscape altered by Social Consumers and the powerful Social Construct.

To achieve our goals, this year’s focus will be: “From Social Brands to Social Business.

Last year, we introduced the Social Consumer and how brands needed to engage them for marketing and advertising, and advocacy. In 2012, the evolution of Social Consumerism leads brands to the intersection of business objectives, customer expectations and disruptive technology.

“The impact of Social Consumerism challenges businesses to rethink among many things,” said Pivot host and executive producer Brian Solis. “These include commerce, marketing, service, product development, employee engagement and customer experiences. This is not only a time for champions, but for leaders who will drive transformation from the inside out and the outside in. The result, a holistic business that is adaptive to new opportunities and unified in vision, mission and purpose.”

Our show will focus on how brands can successfully manage this transformation. Key topics will include:

  • The Transformative Power of Trust and Transparency
  • Inpowered and Intraprenuerial – The New Workforce Rises
  • Creative Destruction and Renewal In the Age of Digital Darwinism
  • The New Customer Journey—How Shared Experiences Power Buying Behavior
  • Customer Service—Not Yet Marketing, but It Should Be!
  • The API of Me—The Power of the Quantified Self and How Brands Can Create New Experiences Around it
  • The H Factor: How Big Data Can Spur Creativity
  • The 4 Core Models for New Customer Engagement
  • The New Hollywood and The Multitasking Audience

Pivot 2012 will bring together innovators at the apex of entertainment such as Jermaine Dupri, the hip hop impresario who created his own private Social network to interact with his fans, and Daria Musk, the breakout star of Google+ Hangouts, with dominant brands like Unilever, Kraft Foods, Citibank, GE, Barclay’s Bank and senior executives of Social powerhouses such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google.

Innovator pricing ends this Saturday.  Only 500 seats will be sold this year.  Add us on Twitter and Facebook for an exclusive discount.

In case you missed it, you can now watch all of our 2011 sessions in our video archive:

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