Jon Gosier Named Host of the 2015 Pivot Conference

Author: Julia Guarini

Jon Gosier, data-scientist, serial tech entrepreneur and senior TED fellow, has been selected to host this year’s PivotCon in New York October 29, presented by The Tomorrow Project LLC and Momentum.

Although Jon came on the radar for many with his 2014 TED talk “The Problem with Trickle Down Techonomics” his work as a problem solver and investor placed him consistently in the press for several years before that appearance. From creating a model that allowed middle class individuals to invest in start-ups, to establishing the Appfrica fund to support tech investments in emerging markets, Jon’s projects have consistently demonstrated his drive to make the tech world more inclusive. A senior TED fellow, Jon demonstrates that thoughtful leaders can make digital transformation beneficial for both businesses and communities.

Pivot will take place Thursday October 29th at the Dream Downtown Hotel in NYC. As we do each year, Pivot will provide our audience of brand leaders with a visionary roadmap through the most valuable and exciting possibilities for business transformation.

Jon, as host, will bring to this content his “tech for good” perspective along with his ability to find the potential in what could otherwise be missed opportunities. You can learn more about Jon at, including a link to his now-famous TED talk and the Business Insider article naming Jon one of the 25 most influential African-Americans in technology.

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