Facebook Rolls Out Suite of Features for Page Admins

Author: Deidre Drewes

Each time Facebook rolls out its latest round of changes, we are met by equal parts cheers and moans from industry professionals. However, the latest updates intended for corporate users should win over even the harshest of critics.

Different Facebook Admin Levels Based on Organizational Needs

An organization’s Facebook fan page is often a highly treasured piece of digital real estate. Oftentimes, organizations are weary of sharing admin access to their Facebook page out of fear that it might fall into the wrong hands. Up until recently, all page admins had access to what content gets posted, its insights and even the ability to unpublish a public page. Additionally, Facebook ads could only be managed via personal profiles—not through the fan page itself.

This week, Facebook launched the latest fan page feature to improve the corporate needs of users: tiered page admins. As opposed to having one level of admin access, there are now five different admin levels that can be assigned to users. These levels are Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser and Insights Analyst. We take a look at each admin tier below, who should be assigned to it and why.

Facebook Page Manager


The Page Manager is the key holder of the page. This user has full access to manage admins, edit all aspects of the page, post content, delete and respond to comments, send private messages, create ads and view insights. The individual assigned as the Page Manager should hold a high position within the organization, be it CEO, CMO or similar. They are the gatekeeper of your fan page and should be a trustworthy individual.

Facebook Page Content Creator


The Facebook page Content Creator has all of the same credentials as Page Manager, with the exception of having the ability to manage admin access. The Content Creator should be an individual or individuals on your marketing team or from a hired outside marketing agency. This page admin should be in charge of posting, monitoring, responding and reporting on fan page analytics.

Facebook Page Moderator


The Page Moderator has the ability to respond to and delete comments, send messages, view insights and set up ads. Once again, the Page Moderator can be a member of an organization’s internal or external marketing team. In some cases, agencies offer “off-hours” social monitoring services in which a third-party will be alerted to new comments on fan pages outside of normal operating hours. Under this circumstance, having an individual who is capable of simply responding to comments would be ideal.

Facebook Page Advertiser


The Page Advertiser admin assignment should be reserved for an internal advertising department or external marketing firm. Whoever is in charge of your company’s pay-per-click advertising should be added to your Facebook page as a Page Advertiser. Considering that this individual or team only needs access to ads and insights, Page Advertiser would be the appropriate admin level.

Facebook Insights Analyst


The Facebook page Insight Analyst is the lowest level of admin access—only offering access to a fan page’s insights. There are very few circumstances in which there is a need for an Insights Analyst. If your company has agreed to share page insights with an outside party—such as a research firm or university—then anointing an Insight Analyst for the page would be appropriate.

Facebook Promoted Stories: Get More Views for Important Posts

Another conundrum that many Facebook page owners face is understanding when to post and what type of content to post for maximum viewership. Oftentimes, optimum content posting times can only be determined through extensive A/B testing. When an organization wants to share important stories (such as a contest or press mention), there is often no method to the madness of executing such a post.

However, Facebook now allows pages to pay an additional fee to ensure optimum viewership for posts. The fee to promote a post is nominal dependent on the size of one’s fan base. The picture example is for a Facebook fan page with just over 4,000 fans. Facebook charges $5 for each 25% increment of fans reached. If you plan to use a promoted post, do so with care. John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing offers some best practices for marketers taking advantage of Facebook’s promoted posts.

Facebook Scheduled Posts (At Last!)

Last, but not least, Facebook now allows fan page admins to schedule posts in advance. For too long, many businesses have relied on third party tools—such as HootSuite—for scheduling fan page posts. According to HubSpot, content published via third-party tools receives 67% fewer likes than content posted directly to Facebook. For companies, scheduled posts equates to higher levels of engagement and content control.

What are some Facebook features in the recent past that you love or hate? Do you think the latest updates to Facebook will be beneficial for businesses?

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