Creating Smart Content Informed by Data: PBS & Magnet Media at PivotCon 2013

Author: The Pivot Team

The relationship between data and content creation is (and should be) merging more so now than ever, as digital data becomes increasingly accessible to brands, creators, and individuals. Brands have the opportunity to carefully analyze audience-related data in an effort to directly influence the content creation process, leading to tailored original content.

On October 15, during the Pivot Conference NYC, our Founder and CEO Megan Cunningham, along with Magnet Media Originals Director of Content Development Drea Bernardi, will present on this topic alongside Matthew Graham, Senior Director of PBS Digital Studios.

During a session called Creating Smart Content Informed by Data, the three will discuss the ongoing partnership between PBS and Magnet Media, which initially resulted in a project to audit and optimize PBS’s family of 16 YouTube channels in order to maximize reach and engagement. The insights gleaned led to the conception and development of two targeted, original web video series now in production. During the presentation, the audience will learn how analysis led to the creation of original content that’s informed by, but isn’t a slave to, data.

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