New Social Tools From Internet Media Labs Focus on Relevance, Not Influence [Interview]

Author: Christina Buquid

Internet Media Labs is working on some amazing tools to help harness your Digital DNA (as they call it) to help you search for, discover and analyze your followers to a new depth.

Influence is not the focus of IML’s tools – they’re concerned with relevance. It’s nice if people can amplify your message, to be sure, but what about finding the people who actually are interested in your message?

We had a second to catch up with Robert Moore, Co-Founder & CEO of Internet Media Labs, a tech startup in Chelsea. They’re a sponsor at Pivot this Monday and Tuesday and their SeeSaw social discovery search engine will be displaying the best tweets with the #PivotCon hashtag both days.

Pivot: What spurred the founding of Internet Media Labs?

Robert: We’re all power users of social media platforms and tools, and in the course of everyday use we often were frustrated by their limitations and our increasing inability to sort the signal from the noise.

We decided that, instead of waiting for other people to solve the problems for us, we’d do it ourselves. So we gathered together a small group of some of the best minds in social to gradually build our tools and figure out how to solve these problems.

OK, we’ll bite: What problems do you solve?

If you’ve ever tried to participate in a Twitter chat or follow a hashtag from a live event or conference, you’ll know it’s very frustrating. It’s just a mass of text, streaming by too fast to absorb anything.

SeeSaw makes the hashtag stream easier to consume and enables you to filter it by media type, URL and multiple hashtags. It displays the images, videos, links and other information sent in tweets to make it easier to see who’s talking about what, and what they’re sharing.

oneQube solves a lot of problems.

First and foremost, it helps you find who’s participating in your hashtagged conversations. It profiles the participants through publicly available information on the Internet, giving you a real picture of who these people are, what they’re interested in and who else they talk to.

Those analytics are actionable, as you can sort out who your biggest participants are and figure out if they’re really interested in what you have to say. So you don’t just get numbers and names – you get people you can reach out to and activate.

That data also powers several other modules that will be rolled out over the next few months, including those that deal with compliance, conversation management and sales leads.

Who will be the biggest user of Internet Media Labs’ products? Consumers? Small businesses? The enterprise?

All of the above. While SeeSaw is primarily a consumer-facing platform, there’s an event community management product that will be attractive to anyone who produces conferences, concerts, sporting events or other large functions.

oneQube will have some aspects – such as conversation management and hashtag tracking – that will be useful to almost any size business, there are other modules that will be used primarily by large enterprises, such as the compliance filter.

You recently managed a SeeSaw board for the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit and produced a publicly available oneQube hashtag report out of that. Can you tell us about the experience and what you learned that will help you continue to improve your products?

The IBM Smarter Commerce Conference was an amazing event, one of the most impressively produced conferences I have ever attended.  I was invited to attend by Tami Cannizzaro and Michela Stribling of IBM to be part of their social influence team that was on site, reporting on the conference.  As the official social ‘curator’ of the event, I used to save the best tweets from the event and share them with the other attendees.  It was also a thrill to see our display on the huge 400-foot screens IBM used in the General Session room, as well as on flat screens throught the event space.

Post-event, we created a cloud-based hashtag transcript  for all attendees (powered by our social crm platform) to use as a reference and engagement tool.  With more than 13,000 tweets stored, users were able to search Tweets by subject, personality, or keyword, and do deep drills on other attendee’s social and interest graphs.  It proved to be an invaluable resource for those that participated in the conference.

Where do you see Internet Media Labs five years from now?

Internet Media Labs’ mission is to provide powerful “Solutions for Social Business.” We are looking forward to releasing our platforms into the marketplace, gaining user traction, and then consistently innovating and iterating to provide our customers and users with the technology they need to efficiently and profitably further their social mission.  Although five years is a long time from now, we see predictive intelligence and holographic interfaces as being key ingredients in businesses social experiences!


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