5 Reasons to Attend #SMAC Summit @NewYorkXpo for #SocialWeek Oct 17

Author: The Pivot Team

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  1. Facts & Data, the event host works tirelessly to make sure that the presentations and sessions have information that supports the statements in each session. This supports the credibility of the personality and the concepts presented. No Grand Standing!
  2. Tactics & Methods, the event host works tirelessly to make sure that the presentations and sessions have value, this means that you should walk away with ways to change, grow and increase your effectiveness as a professional or business owner.
  3. The Accountability Experience, not only do you have the chance to learn from some of the best professionals in a format based on learning outcomes, a method used in higher education, you also have industry professionals that conduct the Q&A sessions with the presenter afterwards, this helps facilitate and effective, purposeful and useful follow up.
  4. New York Business Expo & Social Week, the #SMAC Summit takes place as a featured event in the New York Business Expo which is on its 9th show, providing an environment rich with other entrepreneurs, business owners and top brands exhibiting. It’s also Social Week, which was created by the folks at The Pivot Conference to support a larger overall experience for the top brands while they are in NYC for Pivot.
  5. Proven Event & Format, This is the third #SMAC event hosted by Basil Puglisi, who has sold the event out in Feb 2012 and Feb 2013 for Social Media Week, garnishing more than 1,000 tweets and Retweets from just 100 attendees given the quality of the content and support from presenters from Google, Intel, Ford Motor Company, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Constant Contact and various professionals that not only “Get It, They Share It” which is the motto for Social Media Club, “If You Get it, Share It” an organization that Basil Puglisi is a member of the International Board of Directors.
  6. Bonus: Cost, Thanks to the format and volunteer support of the presenters, the event is twice the value at less than half the cost of others like it, with options ranging from Business Class Seating with Power to standard Theater seating experience.

See what Teachers and Attendees said after the last #SMAC:

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