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Join us next Tuesday, 1pm ET as we launch our inaugural #pivotconchat with guest host Frank Eliason. Each month we’ll invite a 2012 speaker or partner to discuss topics highly relevant to Social professionals. To participate in our first one just twitter search for #pivotconchat at 1pm on June 12th, and contribute your own insight to Frank’s questions. One lucky participant will receive his new book @YourService.

Frank Eliason, Citibank’s Senior Vice President of Social Media, has been described as the “most famous customer service manager in the U.S., possibly the world.” By expanding the reach of customer service via social media, and taking the simple approach of asking “Can we help?” he repositioned the relationship between Comcast and its customers. His efforts at Comcast inspired a global wave of innovation in the way businesses communicate and engage with their customers—using new communication channels to improve customer experience.

Frank has been a two-time speaker at Pivot and will be chatting about the following:

Customer Service: Making the Pivot Toward a Social Business

Businesses must adapt the service infrastructure to meet the needs of increasingly connected consumers. These connected customers are gaining influence, yet are becoming more selective in what they share. How do you influence customers to share their positive experiences? How do you respond to the growing number of complaints? Frank Eliason, SVP of Social for Citibank, will lead discussion on this topic during our inaugural #pivotconchat and cover the following questions:

    1. Is Social Customer Service the answer to this new world order where Customers are controlling the brand image via social?
    2. What are the best practices of social listening? Are brands effectively doing this today?
    3. How do you deal with brand saboteurs? Will this be a growing trend?
    4. Sometime business have to do unpopular things such as raise rates, in this new world, what is the best approach?
    5. How can brands build trust in this noisy social media world?

The monthly #pivotconchat was created to complement both the webinar and in-person events as a year-round, purely social medium. #Pivotconchat will happen the first Tuesday of every month with the next chats on July 3rd, August 7th, September 4th, and October 2nd.

If you have any questions or would like to submit a speaker or topic, please reach out to [email protected].

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