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Author: Melissa Trosterman

Our Studio Stage Breakout sessions are typically invite-only events.  But in 2012,  Watchitoo and Magnet Media will bring you into the thick of the action, with their online video stream. Join thought leaders from Adobe, Oracle, HootSuite and more as they host compelling debate about the most pressing issues in Social Business.  Here’s a rundown for our sessions:

Day 1 – October 15, 2012

8- 8:15 am
Why the RNC Social Media Command Center Was Successful and How To Create One with Spiral 16 
A Social Media Command Center is a highly effective add-on to events of any size andserves as a “virtual help desk” for companies to offer personal assistance, engage audiences, create goodwill, and generate online buzz that spills over into enthusiastic mainstream press coverage. Spiral16 will profile their success at the RNC, and talk about how Social Media Command Centers can be added to events both large and small.

10:30- 10:45 am
Compass Labs Unveils Results, Intelligence and Tactics Behind Pivot’s Successful Facebook Campaign
This case study will showcase best practices and tactics used to double Pivot’s Fan base, quadruple Fan engagement, increase conference registrations and boost webinar attendance.

12:45- 1:00 pm
The Urgency of Simplicity With Thomas Mueller, Justin Peters, and Russ Meyer with Siegel + Gale 

Brands don’t have a choice about being social. They do, however, have a choice about being simple. What does simplicity mean in a social world? Successful businesses need to be social and simple; let’s have a conversation about how to get there.

3:00-3:15 pm
Why You Should ROFL When Asked For Social Media ROI with Unmetric
Social Media ROI is a question that often comes up in most organizations. Indeed, it is the very focus of this conference. But how close are we really to answering that question? Should we even bother? This session touches upon the evolution of media and its accountability over the years, gives you four watertight reasons to ROFL when asked for social media ROI, and ends with three frameworks to think around the ROI question.

Day 2 – October 16, 2012

7:30- 7:45 am
Oracle Social: The Social Completion: Building Social Experiences That Fully Leverage The Open Graph
The majority of customer conversations are happening beyond your company’s reach on the web. As a business, it’s not a matter of when to social-enable your enterprise but how to become a social business. Learn how your organization can use social data and channels to build stronger relationships with customers, deliver consistent and relevant brand experiences across touch points, and better engage and connect employees and partners.

8- 8:15 am
Announcing: The Hidden Index To Extreme Social Intelligence: Leveraging the Social Interest Graph to Unlock New Perspectives of Social Brand Composite Intelligence with eCairn
An interview with Dominique Lahaix CEO, focused on highlighting new perspectives discovered by leveraging interest graphing analytics as the key to unlocking market insights. This new community graph capability has already yielded high value real time insights to global brand CMOs. Mr Lahaix will discuss the potential impact to current marketing, targeting, and brand social analytics which has created a next generation of market analysis termed Extreme Social Intelligence. Mr Lahaix will be interviewed by William Seagrave, CTO, SBV Solutions.

10:30- 10:45 am
Extole: “Merging Owned, Earned and Paid Media with Facebook’s Open Graph”
The convergence of media types is a hot topic in marketing today. How can owned and paid media be leveraged to drive more earned media and word of mouth (WOM)? How can earned media drive more effective owned and paid media? We’ll share a Facebook Open Graph case study that facilitates the convergence of media types.

12:15- 12:30pm
HootSuite: The Ebb and Flow of Business – Changing Tides Towards Social
With a shifting economy, unstable markets and uncertainty overseas, business is experiencing a change of tides. And as the new world of business flows in, new technologies and communications channels provide abundant opportunities to build a customer-centric organization.

3:20- 3:35pm
The Worst Kept Secret to Becoming a Star on YouTube: Understand and Engage Your Fans with My Damn Channel
With YouTube now having over 800 million unique users each month, it has never been easier for a brand to create and distribute its own content to a mass audience.    However, with 72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute your videos need help to be discovered.

Tune into the Pivot live stream next Monday and Tuesday to access these sessions!

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