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Like all of you, the Pivot team has too much to do with too little time. However, we’re also avid readers and constantly pass links back and forth between our small team. We make it a point to keep up with the most relevant stories in Social Business as well as new and emerging markets. Then something occurred to us: why not share? After all, sharing is at the core of Social. Starting this month, we’ll share with you a digest of what we’ve been reading. In case you missed a relevant link or an article, this is just another way we can help your brand stay up to date on the ideas and trends shaping Social Business and the world around it.

Brianne Garcia, Pivot President

The Eyes Have It: Thoughts on the Evolution of Visual Search – on Huffington Post.
“The next evolution of search surely lies in providing intuitive answers based on what we can see and feel in the real world around us, not simply what we can articulate.”

The List of Everyone Attending Davos This Year – on Quartz
Even if you weren’t invited, this infographic is a great example of a useful interactive data visualization.

How Stars Like Jay-Z and Martha Stewart End Up with Samsung Devices – on Fast Company
An inside look at Samung’s influencer recruitment program titled “White Glove”, which landed Jay-Z and Martha Stewart with Samsung devices.

Marni Edelhart, VP Brand Relationships

Netflix Secures their First Oscar Nomination
After storming the Emmy’s and Golden Globes Netflix gets a foothold in the most prolific of award ceremonies.

5 Keys to Getting Social in 2014
Some helpful basics from Pivot regular and Renegade CEO, Drew Neisser.

Resolutions from Legends
New Year’s Resolutions from the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Susan Sontag.

Mike Edelhart, CEO The Tomorrow Project

Business Transformation: Why General Motors is Investing in Customer Experience
Pivot’s host’s take on how an iconic American brand is readying itself for the future.

Understanding the Children’s Book Consumer in the Digital Age
A massive dive into how digital parents view books, e-books and other reading for their kids. The results are surprising!

Greater expectations – Consumers are asking for tomorrow, today
IBM’s study of more than 30,000 consumers worldwide on where they would share personal information and why.

Andrew Nealon, VP Research and Analytics

The Ad Age 2014 Marketing Fact Pack:
A comprehensive look at the last year in stats and graphs.


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