New for the Pivot Conference 2015, The Tomorrow Project, in partnership with Momentum Events, is proud to present one full conference day dedicated to the most compelling content in the digital space. By dispensing with the traditonal conference model, Pivotcon will offer an innovative 2015 event format designed to have guests and participants alike, on the edge of their seats! With transformation & adaptation in mind, prepare yourself for high speed, high impact as we welcome you and your peers to…

Pivotcon- The Affair

Date: Thursday, October 29, 2015
Making the Pivot

New for 2015: PivotCon will take the form of a highly interactive single-day salon. Designed around a series of expertly curated roundtables, participants will be able to choose the sessions that interest them most and bring their own experiences to bear on the discussion to offer a richer, more tailored experience.

Do you have original insight, research or approaches that you would like to share and discuss with a group of peers. Interested in the future of a particular technology or tool? Have a series of challenges that could use a group solution? Have a specific interest in a cutting edge topic? Consider hosting a discussion at PivotCon this November. We will provide support and guidance on presenting the topic as well as tools and tricks for getting a lively conversation started.

Let our team of content experts work with you to create the right group dynamic and ensure a productive and lively discussion. Contact Pivot President, Matt Godson for more details.

Join us as we continue our social journey together.

Pivot 2015 is invite only. If you believe you or your company should attend, request an invite through Pivot President, Matt Godson. If interested in having a deeper presence as a Pivot Namesake Sponsor, please contact Pivot VP, Solutions Alexandra Hertel or Pivot President Matt Godson.

Gala Dinner

The 2014 Pivot Gala Dinner took place on the evening of October 15th in partnership with IBM. Our team is currently evaluating options for the 2015 dinner. Please subscribe or check back often for updates.

Master Sessions

Pivot content and speakers in years past have wowed and challenged attendees with tough questions, deep research and shocking examples of success and failure. This year, we’ll spread these sessions out over the course of the year, using Pop-Up Master Sessions to dive deep into Pivot content and eplore questions that are top of mind for the most active Social Businesses.

Pop-Up Master sessions are invite-only private evenings for 50 – 60 guests in NY, SF and L.A., that begin with cocktails, continue with conversation and end with structured room for serendipity. During each Master Session, 2 – 3 analytically-chosen brand speakers will dissect the question for the evening, and one provocateur will start and put out fires, engage the audience, and encourage brands and attendees alike to challenge the status quo.

Pop-Up Master Sessions are invite only. If you believe you or your company should attend, request an invite through Pivot President, Matt Godson. If interested in having a deeper presence as one of our Pop-Up Sponsors, or hosting a cocktail salon after party, please contact Pivot VP, Solutions Alexandra Hertel.

Pivot Dinners

Each quarter we gather our Pivot community for a 50-60 person dinner in either NY, LA, or SF. These dinners allow us to catch up, commiserate, and collaborate with those who have grown intrinsic to our mission and message. Our guests ignite valuable connections while enjoying a delicious meal and new perspectives.

Our next Pivot dinner is scheduled for March 26th in New York City.

If your organization is interested in or hosting a dinner, cocktail salon or party with the Pivot community, please contact Pivot VP, Solutions Alexandra Hertel.

Request an Invite

All Pivot events are invitation only. Our guests are Executives from Major Brands, Creative Agency Leaders, the Bright Minds behind Brilliant Start Ups, and the Theorists who guide us through the murkier aspects of Social transformation. Do you fit into one of these categories? You can contact Pivot President, Matt Godson to learn more about becoming a part of our community.

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