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As each year speeds by, consumer behaviors transform at an even faster pace. They lead busy lives, have shortened attention spans and come equipped with new expectations about what adds value to their lives. Your customers don’t make decisions about your brand based on their first impression; your customers make decisions once you make a lasting impression.

Like you, we recognize this shift in the Social Revolution. And like you, we must transform in order to survive.

After Pivot this year, we asked ourselves: how can we bring you – our customers and community – the most value, and how can we change in order to make this a reality?  The answer was right under our nose.

At Pivot 2012, Paul Adams, at the time the Global Head of Brand Design at Facebook, emphasized the power of “many lightweight interactions” over time. It made sense: lasting relationships are born from trust, which requires a focused commitment to providing meaningful value.

Each year, and especially in 2013, we’ve proven that Pivot can provide that value and unite the most active brands in the Social Revolution with the ideas, tools and technologies that enable this innovation. But succeeding at participation and succeeding at engagement are as different as night and day. The brands, speakers, big thinkers and executives who attend Pivot share anxiety, triumph, fear and secrets, only to leave after two days and surface once or twice more throughout the year.  Based on feedback from our Brand and Technology Partners, we realized Pivot’s value reaches beyond an annual event.

In 2015, we’ll take a page from our own playbook and offer more intimate, focused and lightweight interactions that also dig deep, year-round. Pivot 2015 turns participants into action officers, transforming our captive audience into empowered decision-makers of the Social Revolution.

Everything we do will examine the landscape of problems faced by today's most active Social Businesses. All of our events, speakers and research will dissect how the most influential Social Businesses make decisions, and why non-action in these areas could mean failure. These opportunities include:

What you’ll gain by joining the Pivot community is threefold: intimate exposure to other brands, faced with similar problems and choices; access to big thinkers and problem solvers, whose job it is to help you dissect what you know and seek out what you don’t; and filtered introductions to technology companies whose capabilities hold the solution to one or many of your current problems. As a part of our community, you’ll walk away from each interaction with new knowledge, new conversations and the seed of new relationships.

The emerging Social organization will have to function less like its current symbol, a mammoth structure stacked high to the sky, and more like our human brains, organizing information seamlessly and efficiently, so that the body can move gracefully and act as one.

The future may be unmapped, but we know where we are and we know where we need to go. We are here to help blaze that trail.

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If you have any question or comments please contact Pivot President Matt Godson.


Mike Edelhart CEO, The Tomorrow Project

Mike Edelhart is an experienced media and Internet start-up executive. In addition to overseeing Pivot and its related research and analytics activities, Mike is the Lead Partner for Social Starts, an early stage investment fund. Previously, Mike was Managing Director and founder of First30 Services, a launch accelerator for early stage companies.  Mike has held CEO and executive management positions at a range of media organizations, including Live Deal, Inc, DeepDyve, and Olive Software, as well as Inman News, Zinio Systems, and Third Age Media. As vice president at SoftBank, Mike directed content for the Seybold, Interop and Comdex conferences and launched new businesses in online education, conferences and consulting. Prior to SoftBank, Mike spent thirteen years at Ziff Davis in a variety of executive and editorial positions. He has also worked as an Internet strategies consultant to Bloomberg, Reuters, AARP and other major media and Internet companies. The author of more than two dozen books, Mike earned a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism from the University of Northern Colorado.


Matt Godson President, Momentum Events

Matt Godson is Co-CEO with Momentum Events and is responsible for the overall execution of Pivot, PivotPlus and associated events. Matt has more than 20 years’ experience working with many of the world’s leading event and marketing organizations in both the US and Europe.

Matt launched the acclaimed Design&Culture and Digital Marketing & gTLD Strategy series of events in the US, London and Hong Kong as well as New Designers, ART and London Music Week in the UK, Born in London, Matt became a US citizen in 2008 and lives in New York City with his wife, fashion designer Emily Shalant and his sons Charlie & Giles.


Andrew Nealon VP, Analytics and Research, The Tomorrow Project

Andrew has worked on the technology and research side of Pivot for the past four years, and now runs the Pivot Laboratory, a fringe analytics and marketing research center in New York. Andrew serves as principal at Insert Culture, a custom strategy shop operating in Brooklyn. Originally from Oregon, Andrew holds a BS in Communication from Oregon State University and an MA in Media Studies from the New School in New York City. He currently lives in Brooklyn with his wife and cat, writes about culture, collects records and works on building a better Internet.


Ben Greenzweig VP Partner Development, Momentum Events

Ben Greenzweig is a leading events, consulting and networking professional. His experience includes more than 15 years in the events industry working with media, technology, retail, consumer goods, energy, banking, defense, government and professional services executives across the globe. In 2012, Ben co-founded and become co-CEO of Momentum, a leading events and consulting company that believes in committing people, capital and ideas to helping our partners develop, grow and innovate sustainable experiences across multiple audiences and industries.


Alexandra Iyer VP, Solutions , Momentum Events


Misha Shah Marketing Director, Momentum Events

Misha is the Marketing Director at Momentum and joined the team in March 2013. Her energetic and lively personality have become an instrumental part of the Momentum team where she is responsible for marketing and delegate acquisition across Momentum’s portfolio of events.

After graduating from Towson University in May 2011, where Misha obtained a degree in Business Administration and Marketing, she kicked off her career in events. Misha’s quick growth and success in the events industry is driven by her adaptability, natural leadership skills and her enthusiastic personality. She is constantly pursing innovation to push marketing beyond the obvious, making her an asset to every event she works on.

During her free time, Misha spending time in New York City with her family and friends. As her family is of Indian decent, she has had the opportunity to visit India six times and this experience has really given Misha a knack for understanding diverse cultures and people!


Marni Edelhart Director of Content & Experience, Momentum Events

An event veteran from the non-profit world, Marni is in her third year with Pivot. Marni joined Pivot as Speaker Coordinator and in this role developed meaningful relationships that now form her impressive network of contacts. Marni cultivates Pivot’s community of Brand Executives, Media Theorists and Startup Superstars and creates experiences for them that are simultaneously fun and valuable. Additionally, Marni oversees Pivot’s marketing and communications. Marni holds a BA from Smith College and when she is not working on Pivot projects can be found at the nearest Crossfit gym, or hiking in the woods with her dogs.


Seth Rosenblatt Chief Financial Officer, The Tomorrow Project

Seth has over 20 years of experience in media and technology, including executive positions in both start-up companies and large enterprises in positions across finance, marketing, business development, technology and general management. In addition to running a number of start-up businesses, Seth has operated his own consulting firm for clients focused on go-to-market strategy, operations and business development. He has extensive experience in social media, marketing technology and enterprise software. Previously, Seth also held senior positions at Interwoven, Optimost, Bluefish Wireless, PocketScience and Ziff-Davis. He also began his career as an investment banker. Seth holds a B.A. from Dartmouth College and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. He is also an elected School Board Member of the San Carlos (CA) School District. Seath is currently a partner at Social Starts LLC.


William Lohse General Partner, The Tomorrow Project

William Lohse is a leading angel investor. Social Starts and its predecessors have made over 75 investments in the emerging Social Construct. William has been successful in software, hardware, publishing and angel investing. He is best known as the president of Ziff Davis Publishing in the 80’s, founder and CEO of SOFTBANK Forums in the 90’s, and an investor in the first round of Pinterest, rue du Commerce, Jump Start Games and Mino Monsters. He is also the founder of The Tomorrow Project, LLC, producer of Pivotcon and Social Week.


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